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shared hosting 


Our shared web hosting plan is the best and most affordable way to get your website online. It is perfect for entry-level websites, blogs, portfolios, and small business websites due to it's powerful, rich and near-limitless capacity. Host your website at HostRightBiz today and see what our years of experience and devoted technical team can do for you and to your Business! 


Shared Hosting full plan comparison


    Plan Features



NGN 10,500/yr



NGN 12,500/yr



NGN 15,000/yr



NGN 20,000/yr

  Buy now Buy now  Buy now Buy now
    Web Space 10GB 25GB 50GB Unlimited
    Bandwidth 100GB 500GB Unlimited Unlimited
    Upgrade Anytime img img  img img
    Domain Name
N2,500/Year N2,500/Year N2,500/Year N2,500/Year
    FREE Site Builder rv site builder rv site builder rv site builder  rv site builder
    Attracta SEO Tool img img  img img
    Cloudflare Content Delivery Network img img   img  img
    LIMITED TIME OFFER Buy now Buy now  Buy now Buy now
    Email Features
    Email Accounts 100,000 500,000  Unlimited Unlimited
    IMAP, POP and SMTP img img  img img
    Google App Mail img img  img img
    Customizable SPAM Filters img img  img img

    FTP Features

    FTP Accounts Unlimited Unlimited  Unlimited Unlimited
    FTP Session Control img img  img img
    Web File Manager img img  img img
    Domain Features
    Sub Domains, Parked Domains Unlimited Unlimited  Unlimited Unlimited
    Add-on Unlimited Unlimited  Unlimited Unlimited
    DNS Zone Editor (Simple and Advanced) img img  img img

    Dynamic/Programming Support

    PHP 5+ img img  img img
    PHP Version Selector img img  img img
    MySQL, PostgreSQL img img   img  img
    PHPMyAdmin, PERL 5, Ruby on Rails img img   img  img
    CGI, ImageMagick, GD, mod_rewrite, ionCube Loader, CURL img img  img img


    Password Protect Directories img img  img img
    IP Deny Manager, SSL/TLS Manager img img  img img
    PHP Hardening img img  img img
    Antivirus Scanner img img  img img

    Servers Specification & Software's (HIGH PERFOMANCE)

    Processor Speed/Power Intel Xeon CPU’s Intel Xeon CPU’s Intel Xeon CPU’s  Intel Xeon CPU’s
    Server Memory 16GB 16GB  16GB 16GB
    Cloud Linux OS, OptimumCache img img  img img
    Remote Backup img img  img img
    Server-Based Firewall img img  img img
    Network Uptime 99.9% 99.9%  99.9% 99.9%

    Web Site Speed Loader

img img  img img
     Softaculous (100+ Script Installer) img img  img img

    Worldclass Technical Support

    Phone Support img img  img img
    Live Chat Support img img  img img
    Support Tickets System  (30 Minutes response time) img img  img img
    Bonus and Specials
    FREE Search Engine submission (Top 100 Search engine/directory) img img  img img
    100+ free script img img  img img

     Prices and Billing Circles - SPECIAL OFFER PRICE BELOW

    6 Months (Semi-Annual) N7,500 N10,500
    1 Year (Annually) N10,500 N12,500 N15,000 N20,000
    2 Years (Biannually) N20,000 N24,000 N30,000 N40,000